JA Customs and eGov Jamaica Ltd announces Customs Automation Services (CASE), an online Internet based system as a next step to providing faster and reliable services to the various agents involved in submission of electronic information. The main objective of this system is to provide the trading community all over the world an online interaction with the JA Customs and query the status of their transactions and also to be updated with the latest information.

TIMS Instructions and Feedback System
Click on this link to access the TIMS VIRM application.

Information & Query Services
This feature aims to provide various information related to Customs and also the ability to query the status of any Entries and Transactions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services
Our EDI Partners and Shipping Agents can now upload the Electronic Cargo Manifest in ANSIX12, CAMIR & EDIFACT format, online from anywhere across the world and get the transaction status and the output response immediately.

C87 Entry Lodgment Services
JA Customs' Authorised Customs Brokers and Agents can now lodge the electronic C87 Entries directly over the internet and get the processing status at the same time thus bypassing the delays caused by e-mail submission. They can also relodge the corrected entries.

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